BUMAN is a no-nonsense titanium bike that Shifts to any Shape, handling multiple road surfaces and adventures.

We believe that cycling is about exploring the world around you and your bike should not be the limiting factor. Racing your friends on the road, exploring gravel trails, commuting to work or just an easy Sunday with the family, it’s all possible with a BUMAN.

One bike to rule them all!

Buman shifts to any shape

The correct number of bikes to own is NOT N+1, it’s 1 BUMAN!

We don’t believe in the N+1 principle of bicycles. When you are searching for a bike, you can buy one for asphalt roads, gravel trails, commuting to work, bike-packing holiday and so on. Apart from the fact that you need a whole lot of room to store them, it’s expensive, requires a lot of maintenance and you’ll end up with one preferred bike anyway that limit’s you in exploring because it’s only meant for one thing.

Our mission is to create one versatile bike that you’ll love to take on any ride!